MOTO-MAQLAB-UC3M was born in 2009 when a group of students from the Carlos III University of Madrid felt the need to apply their knowledge in various fields to real and exciting projects.


Thus, a non-profit team was founded and registered to the competent authority.  Set for educational purposes, it is devoted to designing, simulating, manufacturing and competing in the motorcycling business.


The purpose of this working group is to offer training activities based on the concerns and interests of the students. This provides hands-on training, enhances teamwork and encourages the use of new technologies and resources from the university.

Raúl Ashley Key Sánchez

Team Leader

Chief Technical Officer



Abraham Vadillo Morillas

Simulation Department



Dragos Albert Rasoga

Marketing Department



Daniel González González

Manufacturing Department



Bryan Ulises Suin Morocho

Organization Department



Rafael Ignacio Luque Moraño

Electronics Department



Gabriel Manzano Montes

Marketing Department



Víctor Moreno Arroyo

Design Department




In October 2016, the fourth edition of the competition was held. The team opted for developing an innovative motorcycle with character. After more than a year of hard work, the MS4 was presented. It obtained the best classification in the category of design as well as second places in Best Industrial Innovation and Best Industrial Project.

To date, the MOTO-MAQLAB-UC3M team has successfully participated in three editions of one of the most prestigious motorcycle competitions at an academic level. We are constantly working and researching to improve the designs and implement new prototypes.

Our next goal: V edition MotoStudent, 2018. See you there!

About us


We are a team formed by students of degree and master of engineering of the Carlos III University of Madrid.


We are united by a project of international competition with the aim of designing, developing and building a competition motorcycle that combines technology, innovation and quality.

Find us


Av. de la Universidad, 30

Leganés, Madrid 28911




Montday to Friday 09:00-21:00 (UTC+1)