As a competition team belonging to the Carlos III University of Madrid we offer 3D printing service with which you can print pieces for personal or academic projects.

We offer this non-profit service solely for the purpose of financing the competition project we have marked.



We have the experience of working with minimum tolerances in parts that will later be equipped in the latest version of our motorcycle prototype, something completely innovative in the world of competition.

This would not be possible if the pieces we made were not of a high quality.


Next you have access to a form where you must provide us with some contact information and technical data of the piece you want to print. You should only take into account the following requirements:


  • Maximum dimensions allowed:
    • Width: 300 mm
    • Long: 300 mm
    • Height: 400 mm
  • The file must be in .stl format otherwise the form will not accept the shipment.

Print your piece

If you have no knowledge of printing and only have an idea of the piece you want to print you can explain your idea through the following form to advise you based on your requirements.


By accessing the forms, you accept the terms of use.

About us


We are a team formed by students of degree and master of engineering of the Carlos III University of Madrid.


We are united by a project of international competition with the aim of designing, developing and building a competition motorcycle that combines technology, innovation and quality.

Find us


Av. de la Universidad, 30

Leganés, Madrid 28911




Montday to Friday 09:00-21:00 (UTC+1)


Email: motomaqlabuc3m@uc3m.es